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EP FIVE: Using Hypnosis Game Changer to Clear Money Blocks w/ Sara Drury

Jan 02, 2021

My biz bestie and special friend, Sara Drury, shares with us how hypnosis is the game changer for upgrading your limiting beliefs for your money and business. In fact, I have share my own stories about how working with Sara has kick started my thoughts and helped me create the best year in business ever!!

We discuss what hypnosis is and how to connect to it. Until the age of eight, you are recording into your subconscious. There are deep-seated beliefs around money that are connected to the younger you. The beliefs that you have as a child, lead you to stay stuck. Affirmations are important but if your belief doesn’t meet it, nothing will change.  Sara lists the three ways that on a subconscious level that you may be staying stuck and how to get past it.  

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Thank you for Listening!!

Thank you for listening! 


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