Be Empowered To Make The Best Decisions With Your Money

Do you have specific questions that need a professional?

Maybe you have a smaller budget as you make life changes and grow your business.

You are not confident where to start when hiring a professional with your money needs.

Single sessions are a great way to get guidance for your special money needs.

These sessions are an introductory way to tap into the potential that lies between you and your next goal with money.

Pick your path:

90-minute Planning Session

90-minute Tax Consulting Session

90-minute Crafting Offer + Selling Strategy Session

90-minute Marketing Consulting Session


90-minute Planning Session

After hiding from my own money for years, I know how defeating it can be to open your bank account to see the results of past spending habits.

The guilt and shame that often comes with getting real about your money can feel like an uphill battle.

I will help you uncover the spending that is depleting your energy and account the most. You will discover ways to make new and empowering decisions when spending.

To maximize the time of this session you will need to have a list of monthly income and expenses you are currently facing, including all debt and current balances. Together we will evaluate items, decide what new changes can be made to spending, and help you decide what steps to take next so you can start to pay down debts or take your next adventure!

You will leave with greater understanding of how the money is coming and going from your account each month. I will help you create a spending plan that meets your needs and goals.

This plan can be designed for your personal or business finances.



90-minute Tax Consulting Session

Do you have a business that is stating to make money? You have very little idea of what needs to be done for tax time.

Not to worry. I will help you understand how to create systems and processes to capture your income and expenses each month.

We will look at how to maximize your tax incentives and deductions for your individual and business needs.

Is it time for an S-Corp? Do I need to pay myself payroll? How do I set up payroll? Do I need to have an investing plan for the business? Where do I make estimated tax payments? All these questions and more are what we can review and help you understand all the moving parts of your business and where they fit when creating a tax plan for your specific needs.

Get all your questions answered and solutions for your personal and business needs. Be prepared way before April 15th.



90-minute Crafting Offer + Selling Strategy Session

Sales are the heart beat of your business. They are what allows the business to stay afloat. 

Without a solid sales plan, your business suffers, leaving you to feel drained.

After years of avoiding sales, I finally found the key to selling for creating consistent income.

The heart of yours sales lies in your offer. You must have a offer that excites you and solves a problem your ideal client it facing.

During this session I will help you craft your offer that you will be excited to sell and that your ideal client is waiting for you to offer! Only you can offer a unique kind of support to your soul mate client. 

We will dive into the key components that every offer needs, craft the copy that speaks to your ideal client, and start generating sales!

We will map out actions you will take that lead your offer to have weekly sales.

To see the most success during this session you will need to have an idea of who you want to work with and what unique thing you bring to the table for your ideal client. During the session I will help you flush out how to put all these items together so you can have consistent sales flowing into your business monthly.



90-minute Marketing Consulting Session

After running an online business for over 7 years, I can no longer deny the impact marketing has on your ability to make money.

Time an time again I see well intentioned people listen to way too many "gurus" and never start truly tapping into the power of connecting with their ideal client.

The naysayers in the internet will tell you that you need market research, a content planner and fancy tech to make sales. None of this could be further from the truth.

I will help you understand how you can start connecting with your ideal client today! All leading to your next client contract.

You don't need a fancy funnel or sales page. I started my very first program with MailChimp and a PayPal link. People showed up to buy my thing. This business was born.

Since that time there is so many tech options. All these options lead to overwhelm, squirrel brain and no action. I want to help you get off the hamsters wheel of doing nothing, to started and keep going every day with a plan that you will fall in love with, because it is simple and doable for you and the way your brain works. All while connecting directly with your ideal client in a heart centered way that only you can.

You will need to have at least one offer you are excited to sell for this session to be successful. If you do not have this flushed you yet, consider starting with the Business Planning Session first.

During this session, I will help you create a repeatable plan that you can start doing today to market to you ideal client. I will help you design any tech needs you might have to optimize this connection, if applicable.  


Money Coaching in 90 

Single Sessions with Heather D

Each session comes with:

90-minutes of personalized support to fit your money needs

2-weeks of text / voice support via telegram

30-minute follow up call 2 weeks later

*You have 90 days to book your session from the time of purchase.

**These sessions are introductory. The work done in each session can be added with longer packages for more in-depth support.


About Heather D

Heather is an accountant, spiritual leader and badass with money. 

She helps clients make more money by understanding where the gaps lie with their current finances, business and marketing activities. 

Heather supports clients by helping them understand where their blind spots are when connecting with their ideal client. This leads to being able to maximize their sales and marketing efforts for consistent income.

She helps with tapping into the magical inner-self, connecting the brain and body for new feelings that create a new way of life (i.e. new sales, clients and income!)

She has degrees in accounting, business and education. Heather holds certifications in mind-body connection, NLP (neuro-linguistic programing), hypnotherapy, EFT tapping, and a few others that support clients with tapping into their unlimited potential to make money and have a life they love waking up to each day!