Author, Speaker, Money Goddess!!

Helping Business Owners Create Profitability Without The Burnout!

Supporting Individuals Heal Trauma With Money For A Thriving Life!

After years of building a career in corporate and working long hours, I found myself feeling unfulfilled in life.

Even though I had the 6-figure salary, I was scared of money and realized I was just surviving from day-to-day!

I spent time getting really honest with myself and what I truly wanted in life.

It turn out, it was NOT a corporate career, a white picket fence or 2.5 children - the American Dream sold me. 

I wanted a life outside the city. A place where I could sip my coffee every morning, watch my dogs run around, listen to nature, and ease into my day. 

That was just the beginning for me!

I started a bookkeeping business, helping new entrepreneurs understand their finances. 

Soon after, I realized so many people were avoiding their finances. Not only their business finances, but their personal finances too! 

It became my mission to understand why so many people could not seem to do something as simple as look at their bank account.

This is when I realized, it was more then a money problem. It was a thinking problem. It was a belief problem. It was a worthiness problem.

After more training and certifications, I discovered it IS a deeply embedded trauma response and fear that is running the show of our lives; ONLY Masked with the belief of being a problem with money.

How many time have you said to yourself, "I'm just not good with money!"

The truth is, you know exactly what to do with your money. You just don't know how to overcome the fear long enough to do the things you know can be done to accomplish your financial dreams.

This is where I come in. I work with you to understand why you are thinking and feeling the way you do. This leads to different behavior and eventually different outcomes

Before you know it, your life it wildly different!

You have what it takes to create the life of your dreams. 

The problem is that you have been programed to thinking its not possible for you. 


You think:

✔ I am not made for success.

✔ Wealth is for other people, I don't have with it takes.

✔ I am not good with money. The more I have, the more I spend, and the more problems I will have.

✔ I have a successful career. I am being ungrateful. I don't need more. 


The reality is ... you were BORN to have success, money and happiness. 


The world is waking up. We need conscious people to create wealth. This means we must also heal that is keeping us from creating more wealth.