Free Money & Taxes Checklist

Make more money & take aligned action towards your dream life and vision...


Heal the trauma that is keeping you stuck, broke, and living the same cycle of excuses!

Heal the trauma this is keeping you stuck...

Get the support to take aligned action that makes you more money & more profit! 

Holistic Business +  Money Coaching

Stop f*cking around! It's time to take action that FEELS good and is aligned to support you making more money & living your dream life! 

It's time to #justdothedamnthing!

Ring! Ring! Your high-HER is calling! She said it's time to build a dream business you love & makes you more PROFIT! 

In this container you will receive a mix of 1/1 private support & mastermind group coaching along side high level biz owners just like you!


2-day high touch container created to uncover and clear your money blocks. Create the sacred space to lock in your vision, money goals, AND what you once thought was unimaginable. All will occur for and from you over the next year in 2023! 

Get away from home, zoom rooms, and the demands of life by taking a LEAP and landing in the lush countryside and nature that will release the magic within and beyond the vision that has been blocked due to limiting money beliefs, lack of awareness for the power of abundance, and opening YOU UP for receiving beyond the constructs of societal structures. 

You will soar!

Your business will soar!

Your family will soar!



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Unblock Your Money Sh!t the podcast is dedicated to talking about money block and money mindset each week.


Heather is a CEO mentor and coach who leads her clients to the exact steps to get into alignment with their dreams of ditching the corporate space… for good.

By encouraging women to access their high HER—selves, her clients begin to design a life they love and learn how to build their dream business that supports their purpose. She knows from experience….After years in corporate, Heather realized she was miserable and started her own company. Now she supports business owners with their holistic success journey offering everything from Reiki and NLP, to the nuts and bolts of business and things like taxes, scaling, and profitability.


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