I am a author, speaker, coach, mentor and thriving Money Goddess! I am passionate about creating a world of humans that thrive in life & money!! 

A world of consciously wealthy people, means healing deep wounds and years of broke money stories that no longer serve the conscious collective.



BEHIND THE POWER: Your Success Is Waiting

Chapter 4: A Surprising Journey To Self Discovery

By Heather Doran (me)

Seven courageous souls have come together to share their most vulnerable stories and the powerful lessons they’ve learned during some of the most difficult times of their lives. Their stories explore many topics including self-love, self-advocacy, overcoming addiction, conquering self-doubt, taking leaps of faith in personal and professional endeavors, and much more!

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Unleash: Release Your Your Inner Money Goddess

This 5-month coaching and mentoring container is specifically designed to address your fears, stories and stuck-ness around money, so you can release your Inner Money Goddess to call in more of your hidden potential.

You are a coach, healer, or professional. You help everyone else seek enlightenment, fulfilment and success.... but there is still something missing in your ability to really lock in more abundance and wealth.

This program addresses the same steps you have been using for years, but targets your deep fears with calling in, making and holding MORE MONEY!

Using the my years of accounting background, certifications in NLP, Hypno, EFT, Mind Magic ® Framework (and many more), to specifically address your money beliefs, so you can Unleash Your Inner Money Goddess.

It doesn't stop there. I help you develop the systems, strategy and mindset with your business operations. Ge out of fear and into a business that is making money and has a consistent stream of cashflow!


Traditional Operations & Finance Support

Offering operations, bookkeeping, accounting and tax support for individuals and entrepreneurs. If you are looking for help with your bookkeeping, understand your business better or need help with taxes, I got you. Over 20 years of accounting, operations and finance experience, I can help you get your business back to a place you love show up to everyday!