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Why is your story with money so important?

Because it is driving every other major decision you will make that will impact your money.

When it comes to abundance and wealth, your ability to feel worthy and lovable plays a huge role in your ability to have sustainable cash coming into your life.

When looking at your deep rooted beliefs about your worthiness and your lovability, the stories you created in your mind have a major impact in your ability to generate consistent flow of money.

The basis of the book:

How looking at your deep rooted beliefs helps you understand the ties money has to worthiness, lovability and your greater purpose for generating wealth
The stories your younger self create to understand the world are showing up today with money to support or block your journey of having abundance and wealth
Connecting with your intuition for money flow and tapping into it to guild your wealth journey
✔ Creating micro changes to connect to your vision for abundance and wealth

I share deeply vulnerable stories about my own childhood neglect and abuse. I came to understand the bigger picture of how these events ruled my beliefs with money and my abilities to show up in the world to feel worthy and abundant. This will allow you to see these for yourself!

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Writing this book has been a very vulnerable process. I am publicly sharing stories only a few close family members know about. Some days my mind chatter makes me feel fear.

😫Fear of what others will think.

😩Fear that my family members will hate me.

😬 Fear that I will loss respect from my audience.

I know fear is just trying to protect me from feeling potential pain.

👉 I know that I am safe to share these stories with you, because I know YOU will benefit from reading them.

I KNOW you can heal your money trauma and experience abundance and wealth you were always meant to have.

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