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#15 Midlife and Finding Happiness with Coach Stacie B

Today I am interviewing Coach Stacie B, a mindset and transformation coach for middle aged women. A personal development junkie and that has had an intuitive gift her whole life. 

4:27 Stacie shares once she applied the the work for for herself, it became a better gift to the world. Stacie says, "I also created the life that is giving me freedom to move spaciously feel relaxed, be an ease, handle what life throws at me, but not being thrown over by it."

5:28 listening to the voice in your head that says "there's more, there's more"

6:15 putting others first, being the "good girl" and not feeling deserving of her own happiness

7:50 learning what doesn't feel good and started to set boundaries for how she wanted to be treated


11:28 setting the GPS for how the day will look - doing a mindful practice before her feet hit the ground


16:17 setting boundaries is allowing others to carry their weight - gives each of us permission to hold our own shit and they hold theirs

19:30 looking inside for how I want to feel everyday - life becomes what I chose at this point

21:00 pealing back the layers later in life - after the kids have grown, after do so many things

25:32 taking responsibility - creating your journey and discovering what make me happy

28:16 lesson on conditional happiness - becoming happy from where you are now

29:39 really learning to love herself and what she wants for life - inspired new mission for life


Stacie has just become Certified Master Mind Magic Coach. She is supporting women that have tired all the things and still feel something is missing. Find our more about what she is doing: 

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Hope you enjoyed this episode!


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