Free Money & Taxes Checklist

#14 Allowing Joy to Lead Your Wealth & Happiness with Tammi Lipp

Tammi Lipp, Energy Coach and healer, helping creatives and mystics embrace their inner magic by turning their struggles into gifts to see their inner super powers.

She takes us on her journey to how she viewed money, how that stories has changed, and her healing she has had to do around it.

3:28 cages of sensitive and creative humans create around themselves

9:18 protecting yourself as a sensitive human

17:23 Tammi's blog "No Vacancies" - what this means to her and her contribution to the world to help people see their inner super powers to having a fulfilled life

20:30 being introduced to wealth and breaking old stories about money and wealth

27:36 being postpartum, unable to work, full of anxiety, and eventually being hospitalized 

30:33 from barley being able to spend $197 on a course to spending multi-thousand to be certified in Mind Magic - changing the perspective of money

35:51 understanding that money is energy

48:21 proving to yourself you can be happy and what happiness looks like for each person -what does joy, freedom, etc mean to you?

51:43 making joy your compass for wealth and happiness

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