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#13 Healing Blocks By Choosing A New Perspective With Diana Greshtchuk

Guest Diana Greshtchuk, CPA and NEW Certified Master Mind Magic (R) Practitioner, shares with us how she has been able to heal her blocks and limiting stories by choosing a new perspective (as she calls it, choosing a different seat at the table). 

As a fellow accountant, we discuss the hustle culture the exists in the corporate world, especially the accounting field. Diana shares her thoughts on breaking out of that old paradigm and giving herself permission to pursue her deepest passions in this next phase of life. 

Diana has 2 free trainings she would like to share with the you. 1. Get Your Financial House in Order 2. Debit Is Your Ally. Email Diana to get a copy of these replays - you don't want to miss them. They were SO good. [email protected] 

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