From Broke Healer To 6-Figure Mastermind with Emily Aarons

Episode #3

I had the pleasure and honor to interview my friend and mentor Emily Aarons. She talks about her journey from being a broke energy healer over the course of 20 years to running a 6-figure mastermind of powerful and amazing women. She takes us on her journey of uncovering her purpose and mission in life to help light works be the light.

Listen to this captivating story of struggle, pain, and frustration as Emily learns to lean in and listen to her guides and quite the ego. In doing so she has massively grown her inner healing, her own money stories, and created a beautiful empire helping other women along their journey to creating impact as they shine their light.

The applications to the mastermind will close this week (December 20, 2020). If you are a light worker looking to uplevel your life and business and step into your abundance, check out the mastermind at:

Love and light, Heather

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