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Want To Be Wealthy: Stop And Smell The F*ckin Roses

Episode #7

I was going to call this episode some super cliché term, like "celebrate your wins". But that did not capture the message I NEED you ladies to hear today! 

In this episode, I give you FOUR (4) golden tips on how to create wealth consciousness in your body and every fiber of your being. If you want to be wealthy, you have to STOP doing old shit! You have to step into HER - your higher-self. SHE is NOT chasing her tail! SHE is NOT running around feeling like shit everyday! 

So, how do you become HER? How do you become the women in your vision? By stopping the madness if doing the same shit everyday!

Listen up! This is your wake up call if you are hustling your ass into the ground. 

Love and light!


Heather Doran