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Dear Spiritual One,

I know you're doing your inner work each day, but still feeling disconnected to money - like you never have enough.

You are doing your daily affirmations, writing out your goals, visualizing your dream future and still you feel like you can't connect to money in away that allows you to connect to the flow of money.

I want to help you connect with your money deeper and in a way that feels juicy in your body and soul?

This is not another long hypnosis or mediation you wait do do during your morning or evening work.

This audio is designed to download & listen now. 

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Meet Heather, 

The Money Goddess!

Hey hey! I am so happy to meet you! I'm Heather, your average, American, Girl Next Door type. I am also a powerful Goddess that knows how to make money work! 

Raised by a single father in the 80s, money was always tight. We never seemed to have enough. 

Even after years of college, climbing the corporate career ladder, making a 6-figure income, and becoming an entrepreneur I STILL felt like I never had enough time or money! 

No matter how much debit I paid off, what raises or new client contracts I signed, I never felt safe with the flow of money.

I thought I just needed more mindset work, or to say more affirmation and do more journaling and then I would call in more money and I could finally be happy. 

I tried everything to make money work for me. Listened to all the gurus, Warren Buffet, Dave Ramsey types, read all the books, hired the coaches, and still something was missing. I couldn't figure out this money thing, despite being successful in my career and business.

No amount of money or success was making me feel better. I continued to feel like I was just surviving from day to day.

Starting my career as an Accountant & dying in my corporate job, I left the corporate track to started a tax & bookkeeping business. This is when I discovered people needed more then tactical support with money (including myself). I learned all about the energy and vibration of money through various certifications and programs - mind & body connection, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, Life Coaching and a few other modalities.

After 3 years of using these modalities and certification on myself, I have been able to move from the busy city to the the peaceful country with my husband and 3 huskies. I wake up to a world I manifested every day! I have become a Money Goddess! I allow the feelings and emotions about money to move through me in way that attracts more, instead of repelling the future I desire.

I believe you are here to THIVE!

That mean MAKING MONEY to do more of the things you love and live our your passions.

I want to help you become the Money Goddess [or God] you DESERVE so you can create the impact and life you are meant to have.

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