Learn how what is really driving your frequency and your ability to make more money & simple steps to become a magnet.




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Learn how what is really driving your frequency and your ability to make more money.

Learn how beliefs are formed & why this is so important to your magnesium

Learn exactly how beliefs are proven to enter the mind and body. Gain a deeper understanding of why these thoughts & beliefs exist, so you can eradicate them with ease and a space of non-judgement.

After all, these thoughts and beliefs are not your own. They were embedded in there to keep you "safe". 

Understand how the mind and body communicate - and why this is essential for your wealth building beliefs 

Your mind is communicating with the body to form your beliefs and then the energy that is sent out into the word. When you can understand how this cycle is created, you can make simple changes to create a space of calm, joy, and ease - thus, making you a magnet to money!

Learn the rules of the mind - and how you can work with the mind to create your money magnet system

The mind is programed to keep you safe, breathing and happy. When it has interpreted things as unsafe, unhealth, and dangerous, you feel fear, anxiety, and lack. I have listed out 10 vital rules your mind must follow. One you start to understand these rules you can work with them to create safety, calm, and happiness. 

Bonus Tools Online Business

I give you the exact process to communicting with your mind, creating a calmer state, feeling at ease, and building trust with your mind & body.

Special workbook to keep you on track as the masterclass is being lead. The teacher in me, can't not give you this extra magical tool! :)


I started out my career as an accountant. I got my first accounting job when I was 20 years old. As a teen mom I always knew I was meant for more, even with the challenges of a young mom.

After 6 years of running a business, I finally feel like I have cracked the code to feeling more freedom, joy and ease. I travel, play with my husky puppies at our country home, and support spiritual biz owners just like you. 

I found healers and spiritual coaches are the first to support others, but the last to really give themselves what they need.

I am here to help you break the cycle and story of broke and feeling unworthy. 

I hope you will join me during this epic masterclass. This really is the keys to the kingdom to creating your money magnet life.