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Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness

wth Melissa Oatman

I had the honor of being on Melissa's podcast a 3rd time to talk about all the changes made in 2021. For one of the first times I shared publicly the story of selling the house, traveling the country and all the changes made in between. This episode is on FIRE! If you want to know more about the story that lead me here, this one needs a listen.

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Show Notes: Heather recently decided to go after her dreams. She wanted more ease, freedom, and joy in her life. She fired some of her best clients because they weren't bringing her joy. She changed jobs, sold her house, and hit the road. She is traveling the country and living her dream. She talks to us today about the new changes she as made, and how you too can live your dream life. Fear is often what keeps us stuck and holds us back. Heather explains how to let go of the fear so that you can move forward towards a life you love. This episode originally aired only for my Patrons. I thought this episode was so good that others needed to hear it too. 

Inner Magik School

with Sara Drury

Interviewed by my biz bestie and mentor, Sara Drury. This episode was recorded shortly after the pandemic had hit and everyone had been in lock down. We talk all about how life had started to give us a new normal, thus, new normal for thoughts and beliefs for our money.

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Also, listen to the episode I hosted with Sara, Unblock Your Money Sh!T Podcast: Using Hypnosis: Game Changer to Clear Money Blocks (AppleGoogle)

Aligned & Unstoppable

with Emily Aarons

For the last 2 years I have had the pleasure of working in Emily's mastermind as a coach and mentor to other amazing business owners. Emily is one of my very first mentors that taught me about intuition and the power we all have inside us to accessing information for our life and purpose. 

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Show Notes: 

In this episode, you will discover why identifying your money blocks is just a piece of the puzzle and just not the whole answer, it’s not enough to clear the block you also need to do the work and overcome your liming beliefs around money.

If you want to have bigger breakthroughs and more results in your business, it all starts by understanding that your business is the catalyst for all of your internal growth. You can’t separate your business from your mindset and spirituality; it’s all woven in together.

Also, listen to the episode I hosted with Emily, Unblock Your Money Sh!T Podcast: From Brook Healer to 6-Figure Mastermind (Apple, Google)

Intuitive Light Podcast & Show

with Jacquelyn Rodriguez

Jaquelyn is another beautiful human I was able to share space with. In this episode we talk about all about money mindset and the magic behind the numbers - the magic that lies within.

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Also, listen to the episode I hosted with Jacquelyn, Unblock Your Money Sh!T Podcast: Holistic Health, Beauty & Mind (Apple, Google)