Money in your Biz: Masterclass

A masterclass for female entrepreneurs who are ready to step out of indecision with money, and ready to reconnect with their money in a whole new way.

You started a business, yay! Now what do you do with all the receipts, paper, taxes....???

Picture this: You sit down, totally getting ready to record your receipts and look at your business income.  Looking at the pile of papers, all of a sudden, a massive amount of fear, panic, and resistance emerges.  Yikes! 

You shove it all back in the draw and figure you'll come back to it later. 

Except..."later" never seems to want to grace you with its presence...

Sounds familiar?  I can help!

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You are smart.  You are capable.  You are excited about your new business.

But this finance thing has got you majorly tripped up.  No worries...I can help!

In this online masterclass, you will learn the ideal systems you need to have for your money, without all the overwhelm.

I'll guide you through each and every step of the way to get your small business finances in check, so that you can finally step into your CEO role and start making important financial decisions for your business with ease and confidence; and have everything you need, ready to go for your tax return, right at your fingertips.  Yup, it's that easy!

The lessons are geared to helping you maximize the use of simple tools, such as worksheets, folders, binder, receipts, etc., to keep all your business records organized in one place, so that you can easily see just how much money you are spending (or receiving) each month.

Did you know...that I, myself, have used this very organization system while building several of my businesses? In fact, I started using QuickBooks Online for Small Business just 3 years ago. I've also taught this hands-on process to hundreds of female entrepreneurs over the years. 

AND, because I am so passionate about helping you achieve a healthy relationship with your money, I've included mindset practices, tips, and self-assessment in every module! 

This course teaches you the nuts and bolts of everything you need to know within your bookkeeping system. If you're feeling super overwhelmed about your business finances, tax time, the massive amounts of receipts sitting in a shoebox, this is the program for you!



Yes! This is for me!

What you get:

  • Steps needed to create a simple system that works best for you and your business, so you get peace of mind knowing everything is properly organized - no last minute tax return prep
  • Customized tracking templates and workbooks designed specifically for a small business owner
  • Recorded training videos showing you how to set up the system and use each tool - don't just get a list of tools, learn how to use them easily 
  • Mindset practices and training to help you overcome any blocks that are keeping you stuck and unorganized

Bonus #1: Training

Making investment decisions for your business


Bonus #2: Resource Guide

Making investment decisions for your business

Training & Workbook

➼ Do you have things you want to invest in for your business - hire a coach, add a contractor to update your website, get training to learn a new skill, #doallthethings?

➼ Are you having a hard time deciding whether it's a good investment?

➼ Are you unsure that now is the right now time to spend more money on you business? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, keep reading...

In this bonus training, you will learn:

✔️ What business activity to look at when spending more money

✔️ How to know decide if each investment is the right fit for you and where you are at in your business

✔️ How to invest with confident and ease

✔️ PDF workbook that walks you through the exact steps I use with my 1:1 clients

I'm in!

Meet your Instructor

Hi! I am Heather - accountant, money-mind coach, and money healer! 

I have spent the last several years helping business owners change their relationship with money. It all starts with getting to know your money and learning how to keep track of it. 

I've taught this program to hundreds of female business owners over the years. Many of them, just like you, stuck in overwhelm and over thinking. 

I want to help you to take the overwhelm out of tracking your money, and establish a healthy relationship with it. 

I am known for helping individuals heal their relationship from the inside. This masterclass will walk you through all the fundamental skills you need, to release overwhelm and get the task of taking care of business...the business of taking care of your money!

Are you ready to stop ignoring your money?

Heck Yeah! Let's do this!

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