EP SIX: Money Block: When You Are Triggered

Jan 09, 2021

Hello friends!

Welcome back to the second episode of the podcast. I am so honored I am in your ears. Today's topic is all about triggers and what to do when you experience them. Triggers happen when you feel uncomfortable with a topic or phrase being presented to you. You immediately go into a state of resistance, judge others, become upset, and even more. Triggers are an opportunity to look within. To ask yourself questions about why you are feeling this way. What is coming up for healing? Being triggered is a beautiful time for you to see why you are feeling so stuck. Likely this is something that is keeping you broke and in your own way of abundance. 

I hope you enjoy today's episode. It comes to you with much love and support to see you step into your full abundance.

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Hugs, Heather

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